The BodyPlanet works with the INBody770 , a
advanced body analyzer. It offers a variety
of benefits for people who want to achieve their weight goals,
be it weight gain or loss, it provides detailed and
accurate body composition information that goes well beyond that
go beyond what conventional scales can offer. Here are some of the
Advantages of a measurement with the INBody770:

Precise body composition analysis : The INBody770 not only measures total weight, but also analyzes body fat percentage , muscle percentage , water content and other important parameters. This detailed information enables the nutritionist or personal trainer to develop specific recommendations and strategies to achieve your individual goals.

Customized programs: Based on the results of the INBody770 measurement, a professional nutritionist or personal trainer can create a customized program for you.
You will receive specific recommendations for nutrition, training and
for a lifestyle tailored to your personal needs
are matched.

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Monitoring progress: Through regular measurements with
the INBody770 you can follow your progress exactly. You get
clear insights into changes in your body composition over time
of time, which helps you stay motivated and making adjustments to your
program if necessary.

Objective measurements: The INBody770 provides objective data,
which are free of subjective assessments or interpretations. This
enables a precise assessment of your progress and makes it easier
working with your nutritionist or personal trainer
to achieve optimal results

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