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Tamer Galal

Tamer Galal is a renowned German bodybuilder who has won numerous titles such as German Champion, European Champion, World Champion and even the coveted Mr. Universum. As a trained personal trainer, he supports his customers in achieving their fitness goals.

Tamer Galal completed the NLP Master training from the Richard Bandler Society of NLP and is also trained as a hypnosis therapist according to Milton H. Erickson.

He successfully completed the Master of Arts in Nutritional Sciences in 1996 at the University of Zurich.

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Tamer Galal

Early Achievements and Career Launch: Tamer Galal - Rise of a Fitness Legend

German bodybuilder Tamer Galal was born on November 13, 1971 in Stuttgart.

Already at the age of 17 he started his intensive strength training in his own four walls and quickly achieved his first successes thanks to his outstanding discipline and passion for fitness.

After just six weeks of training, he was able to claim the coveted first place in the renowned " Stuttgart City Cup " competition.

These groundbreaking victories laid the foundation for an impressive career that would be followed by many more triumphs.

Junger Erwachsener Tamer Posing

Tamer Galal

Education and business start-up:

The ambitious Tamer Galal successfully completed his technical college entrance qualification in 1990 and completed an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for power systems.

At the same time, he deepened his training in the fitness studio and opened " BodyPlanet " in Ludwigsburg in 1993.

Over the years he has continuously expanded his knowledge and skills through a variety of training courses, including nutritionist and personal trainer and a degree in nutritional science.

Tamer Galal posing im Ägyptischen Outfit

Tamer Galal

Achievements as a competitor and awards as a coach:

Tamer Galal wasn't about to rest on his laurels.

Instead, he relied on continuous further education and completed further training in the USA, Russia and Germany in order to always keep his knowledge up to date.

In the period from 1999 to 2022 he took part in over 180 competitions and was able to assert himself as a multiple German champion, European champion, world champion and even as Mr. Universum.

His outstanding skills as a trainer were recognized several times during this time, and he received the well-deserved award as " Most Successful Trainer in Germany " for his expertise in the areas

competition nutrition,

competition training,

competition posing.

Tamer Galal

Foundation of BodyPlanet and recognition as the most successful studio

In 2000, Tamer Galal laid the foundation stone for the renowned "BodyPlanet " in Ludwigsburg. This outstanding studio has been voted the most successful gym for a full 14 years in a row by prestigious organizations such as the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) and the NAC (National Athletic Committee).

This remarkable recognition is a clear endorsement of the effectiveness of his training concepts and his exceptional ability to accompany athletes on their way to success.

Tamer Galal

Expertise and Services:

In addition to his impressive success as a bodybuilder, Tamer Galal has extensive knowledge in various areas such as NLP, hypnosis, Dorn Therapy, functional strength training in rehabilitation, traditional Thai massage, motivational training and five stretching exercises

Strength endurance, muscle building or maximum strength - how do I train correctly to achieve my goal?



  • Tamer Galal geboren am 13.11.1971 in Stuttgart
  • 1988 Beginn Krafttraining zu Hause
  • 1990 Fachhochschulreife
  • 1991 Ausbildung zum Energieanlagenelektroniker
  • 1991 Beginn Krafttraining im Fitnessstudio
  • Nach 6 Wochen Training 1. Teilnahme am Wettkampf „ Stuttgarter Stadtpokale“ 1. Platz
  • 1993 Eröffnung „Body & Fitness Shop“ in Ludwigsburg
  • 1995 Ausbildung Ernährungsberater, Personaltrainer
  • 1996 Fernstudium „Ökotrophologie, Ernährungswissenschaften“
  • 1996 Fortbildungen „Produktentwickler Rezepturen Nahrungsergänzung“
  • 1997 Fortbildung Fitness- und Personaltrainer Master Diplom in USA
  • 1998 Fortbildungen Ernährung und Training in Russland St. Petersburg
  • 1998 Zertifikat Manager für Fitness- und Freizeitunternehmen
  • 1999 bis 2004 an über 180 Wettkämpfen teilgenommen, mehrfacher deutscher Meister, Europameister, Weltmeister, Mr. Universum
  • 1999 bis 2013 Auszeichnung „Erfolgreichster Trainer in Deutschland“ in verschiedenen Verbänden für Wettkampfernährung,Wettkampftraining, Wettkampfposing
  • 2000 Erweiterungen der Geschäftskapazitäten, Gründung des „BodyPlanet“ Ludwigsburg
  • 2002 Fortbildung „Dorn-Therapie"
  • 2003 Fortbildung „Funktionelles Krafttraining in der Rehabilation“
  • 2004 Wettkampf „Mr. Universum“ over all Champ“
  • 2005 Lehrgang „Traditionelle Thaimassage”
  • 2006 Ausbildung an der IHK zum Ausbilder für Einzelhandelskaufmann
  • 2006 Ausbildung an der IHK zum Ausbilder für Fitnesskaufmann
  • 2006 Lehrgang “Functional Trainer”
  • 2013 Fortbildung LNB-Schmerztherapie
  • 2014 Ausbildung NLP Practitioner von Richard Bandler Society of NLP
  • 2014 Ausbildung NLP Master von Richard Bandler Society of NLP
  • 2014 Mitwirkung bei der Ausstellung im Ludwigsburger Museum für erfolgreicher Ludwigsburger
  • 2015 Ausbildung NLP Hypnose Therapeut nach Milton H. Erickson
  • 2015 Fortbildung zum Motivationstrainer
  • 2016 Ausbildung Five-Gymmnastik
  • 1994 bis 2023 erfolgreiche Betreuung von mehr als 1598 Wettkampfathleten mit erfolgreicher Auszeichnung. Dabei waren 6-mal Mr. Universum, 6 Weltmeister, 10 Europameister, 4-mal Miss Fitness World und viele Vizetitel
  • Das BodyPlanet wurde 14 Jahre hintereinander zum erfolgreichsten Studio gewählt von NAC Germany World Fitness Federation