Curriculum Vitae

  • Tamer Galal was born on November 13, 1971 in Stuttgart
  • 1988 Beginning of strength training at home
  • 1990 technical college entrance qualification
  • 1991 Apprenticeship as power plant electronics technician
  • 1991 Beginning of strength training in the gym
  • After 6 weeks of training, 1st participation in the "Stuttgart City Cup" competition, 1st place
  • 1993 Opening of the "Body & Fitness Shop" in Ludwigsburg
  • 1995 Training as a nutritionist, personal trainer
  • 1996 correspondence course "Ecotrophology, Nutritional Sciences"
  • 1996 Further training courses "Product developer recipes for nutritional supplements"
  • 1997 Further training as a fitness and personal trainer with a master's degree in the USA
  • 1998 advanced training in nutrition and training in Russia St. Petersburg
  • 1998 Certificate Manager for Fitness and Leisure Companies
  • Participated in over 180 competitions from 1999 to 2004, multiple German champion, European champion, world champion, Mr. Universum
  • 1999 to 2013 "Most successful trainer in Germany" award in various associations for competition nutrition, competition training, competition posing
  • 2000 Expansion of business capacities, founding of "BodyPlanet" Ludwigsburg
  • 2002 Further training "Dorn Therapy"
  • 2003 Further training "Functional strength training in rehabilitation"
  • 2004 competition "Mr. Universe "over all Champ"
  • 2005 Course "Traditional Thai Massage"
  • 2006 Apprenticeship at the IHK as a trainer for retail salesman
  • 2006 Apprenticeship at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a trainer for fitness clerks
  • 2006 “Functional Trainer” course
  • 2013 Training in LNB pain therapy
  • 2014 Training NLP Practitioner by Richard Bandler Society of NLP
  • 2014 Training NLP Master by Richard Bandler Society of NLP
  • 2014 Participation in the exhibition in the Ludwigsburg Museum for successful Ludwigsburg
  • 2015 Training NLP hypnosis therapist according to Milton H. Erickson
  • 2015 Further training as a motivational trainer
  • 2016 Five gymnastics training
  • 1994 to 2023 successful mentoring of more than 1598 competitive athletes with successful awards. There were 6 times Mr. Universum, 6 world champions, 10 European champions, 4 times Miss Fitness World and many vice titles
  • BodyPlanet was voted the most successful studio by NAC Germany World Fitness Federation for 14 years in a row

Since April 2017, Tamer Galal can also be found in the WIKIPEDIA encyclopedia.

The preparation of athletes for competitions is only a small part of our activities. We spend most of our time helping people like you and me achieve your personal dream body . Advice and individual support are always in the foreground. Whether someone wants to lose weight, tone their body or build muscle , together with the customer we will find the right way for everyone.

It's always a pleasure for me to watch people who have often tried everything for years without reaching their goal suddenly achieve their goals. This is my personal motivation!

Success results from the right combination of just four building blocks:

  • training
  • nutrition, dietary supplements
  • Body
  • motivation

In order to provide my customers with an even greater benefit, I trained in NLP ( n euro -linguistic programming ) and successfully completed the NLP Master's degree. With this award, I am able to show my customers a more motivated and even more efficient way to their dream figure, especially when it comes to overcoming their own blockages.

I'm certainly not perfect and I can't promise you any miracles either. But I can promise you one thing. Together we will find the right path to your dream body and I will not rest until you have achieved this goal.

Tamer Galal