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Fat burner combo

Fat burner combo

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Yellow Extreme 2.0

Yellow Extreme 2.0 is an effective dietary supplement with a unique 4-way action formula , which naturally helps burn fat and reduce weight .
With 20 herbal ingredients and a special combination of
Thermogenic Matrix, Energizer Matrix, Insulin Control Matrix and Hydro
Control Matrix supports the metabolism and fat burning on several levels.

The Thermogen Matrix activates the metabolism and increases calorie burning ,
while green tea extract increases body temperature and raspberry extract
supports fat burning. Bitter orange extract stimulates the
Metabolism increases without increasing heart rate or blood pressure
influence. Spirulina gives the body extra energy and prevents hunger pangs , while African mango extract promotes intestinal activity and has a detoxifying effect.

The Energizer Matrix provides more energy and improves performance ,
while the Insulin Control Matrix helps to increase insulin levels
normalize and avoid food cravings. The Hydro Control
Matrix reduces excess water trapped under the skin and in the
It is stored in the body's fat cells, and taurine regulates water balance .

Yellow Extreme 2.0 allows you to burn more fat naturally
and lose weight without experiencing unwanted side effects.
The combination of high-quality ingredients such as guarana,
Coffee Extract, L-Carnitine, Cinnamon Extract, Phaseolamine, Muscatel
Extract and elderberry extract make it an ideal one
Dietary supplement for people who want to improve their physical fitness
improve and reach their ideal weight.

Benefits of Yellow X Treme

  • increases thermogenesis
  • burns more calories and stimulates metabolism
  • more energy, more alertness
  • Protects against food cravings
  • all ingredients vegetable

How does the Yellow Extreme 2.0 work?

Thermogenic Matrix
Activates the metabolism à Higher calorie burning, while curbing appetite and reducing calorie intake.

green tea extract
increases body temperature and increases calorie consumption. Has a draining effect at the same time.

Raspberry Extract
supports fat burning by shifting the enzyme HSL into the fat cell.

Bitter Orange Extract
stimulates the metabolism without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

gives the body additional energy due to its high content of iron and vitamin B12. It also prevents hunger pangs.

African mango extract
the metabolism à promoting calorie and fat burning.
Supports intestinal activity and has a detoxifying and
purifying effect.

ginger powder
has a thermogenic effect in the body, resulting in increased fat burning.

cayenne pepper
stimulates the central nervous system and thus promotes the burning of calories.

vitamin C
stimulates fat burning in a natural way and strengthens the immune system.

Vitamin B6
lowers the homocytein level (elevated levels are associated with vascular calcification) and cholesterol levels.

calcium pantothenates
is important for a well-functioning cholesterol and fat metabolism.

Energizer Matrix
provides more energy. The performance is promoted and stress can be better managed.

stimulates the metabolism à increases energy consumption

coffee extract
is rapidly metabolized and leads to a rapid increase in metabolism.

acts as a means of transport and brings the fat directly into the cell for combustion

is stored in the center of the fat cell and controls fat burning from there.

Insulin Control Matrix
Helps the body normalize and stabilize insulin levels. This avoids food cravings.

cinnamon extract
stabilizes the blood sugar level and regulates the insulin balance.

to reduce
the enzyme that converts carbohydrates into blood sugar àinsulin balance
is stabilized and fat burning is promoted.

Muscat Extract
stimulates fat metabolism. Fat is released from the storage cells and converted into energy.

elderberry extract
strengthens the immune system and has a promoting effect on fat burning.

Hydro Control Matrix
Reduces excess water stored under the skin and in the body's fat cells.

Dandelion Extract
is rich in vitamins and has a draining effect.

the water balance and ensures that excess water
is excreted. It also has a positive effect on cholesterol levels
and boosts fat burning.

nutritional table


in 100g

in 4 capsules

vitamin C

2.775 g100 mgCalcium Pantothenate416.3 mg15 mgVitamin B6111.1 mg4 mgMagnesium3.33 g80 mg

Additional ingredients 100 g in 4 capsules
green tea extract
11.1 g400 mgGuarana Powder11.1 g400 mgAfrican Mango11.1 g400 mgCoffee Extract5.55 g200 mgL-Carnitine5.55 g200 mgDandelion Powder5.55 g200 mgElderberry Fruit Powder5.55 g200 mgTaurine5.55 g200 mgBitter Orange Extract5.55 g200 mgZim t powder2.775 g100 mgRaspberry fruit powder2.775 g100 mgSpirullina2.775 g100 mgBean powder2.775 g80 mgGinger powder2.775 g80 mgCayenne pepper2.775 g80 mgMuscatel2.775 g80 mgCaffeine content1.95 g70 mg

green tea extract,
Guarana powder, African mango extract, capsule shell: gelatin (beef),
Magnesium oxide, coffee powder, dandelion gem., elderberry fruit powder,
Taurine, L-carnitine, vitamin C, cinnamon powder, raspberry juice powder,
Bitter Orange Extract, Spirulina, Bean Powder, Ginger Powder,
cayenne pepper, mixed muscatel, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B6,
Dye: iron oxide yellow (capsule shell)

Consumption recommendation
Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the afternoon with plenty of liquid

Capacity: 108g
Content approx. 108 capsules

night burner

What is the Night Burner?

Night Burner is a thermogenic formula for the night. thermogenics
Fat burners activate the metabolism and help the body on this
way to consume more calories and thereby gain more fat
burn. Because of their stimulating effects, these fat burners can
however, only be taken up to noon, otherwise the
sleep rhythm of the body would be disturbed.

Night Burner formula has been specially designed for afternoon and afternoon use
developed in the evening. Night Burner deliberately dispenses with ingredients
that affect sleep and instead contains only ingredients that
Activate fat metabolism in a different way.

How does the Night Burner work?

Apple Cider Vinegar
a natural product rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids,
enzymes, pectin and beta-carotene and thereby in a natural way
stimulates the metabolism.

Garcinia cambogia
a key enzyme in lipid metabolism, which is required to
convert carbohydrates into fatty acids. HCA binds to this enzyme
on and thereby renders it ineffective. In addition, HCA causes a
Reduction of hunger pangs.

has a thermogenic effect in the body, resulting in increased fat burning.

vitamin C
stimulates fat burning in a natural way and strengthens the immune system.

an amino acid in the body, among other things, also for a gut
functioning carbohydrate and fat metabolism is crucial.

is an enzyme from the pineapple that breaks down protein and thus promotes digestion and stimulates the metabolism.

apple fiber
a dietary fiber derived from dried apples.
Dietary fiber is important for a well-functioning digestion.

cayenne pepper
stimulates the central nervous system and thus promotes the burning of calories.

a substance that transports fatty acids from the blood into muscle cells
transported, where they are burned for energy. The increased
Ingestion increases the breakdown of body fat, eg during a diet.

Vitamin B6
lowers the homocytein level (elevated levels are associated with vascular calcification) and cholesterol levels.

chromium picolinate
can stabilize the insulin balance in the body and thereby reduce appetite and improve fat metabolism.

nutritional information

nutritional information

in 100g

in 4 capsules calorific value 138.4 kcal/577 kj0 kcal/0kj fat 0.0 g0.0 g - of which total Fatty acids 0.0 g 0.0 g carbohydrates 27.37 g 0.0 g - of which sugar 0.0 g 0.0 g protein 4.21 g 120 mg salt < 0.01 g < 0.01 g

Content Ascorbic Acid4.62 g120.0 mgVitamin B6154.0 mg4.0 mgL-Tyrosine4.62 g 120.0 gN-Acetyl-L-Carnitine154.0 mg4.0 mgBromelain1.54 g40.0 mgCitrus Bioflavonoids770.0 mg20.0 mgApple Fiber1 .54 g40.0 mgCayenne Pepper1.54 g40.0 m,gGarcinia Cambogia15.4 g400.0 mgGinger6.16 g160.0 mgApple Vinegar Powder30.8 g800.0 mg

%*=RDA corresponds to the recommended daily dose

Apple Cider Vinegar
powder, garcinia cambogia powder, capsule shell: gelatin (beef), ginger,
L-Ascorbic Acid, L-Tyrosine, Bromelain, Apple Fibre, Cayenn Pepper, Citrus
Bioflavonoids, pyriodoxine, HCL, N-acetyl-L-carnitine, release agent:
Magnesium salts of fatty acids, dye: brilliant blue FCF
(capsule dye).

Consumption recommendation
Consume 2 capsules in the afternoon and 2 capsules before going to bed with plenty of liquid

Capacity: 85 grams
Content approx. 120 capsules

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