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base mineral mixture

base mineral mixture

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base mineral mixture


Supplies the body with basic minerals and valuable trace elements. For periods of increased physical and/or mental stress or an active lifestyle.

The minerals and trace elements support the body in its functionality and performance and contribute to a balanced acid-base balance. It is even said that cancer cannot grow or develop in an alkaline body.

The base mineral mixture has a detoxifying and deacidifying effect on 3 levels:

  1. Extracellular deacidification
  2. Intracellular deacidification
  3. Transcellular deacidification


Acidification and its consequences

  • It clogs blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) and leads to high blood pressure with all its consequences
  • It accumulates in the fine vessels of the retina and means that you need stronger and stronger glasses
  • It nests in the hair soil and causes your hair to fall out.
  • It forms kidney, gall and bladder stones
  • It blocks joints and promotes ( arthritis , arthrosis , gout and rheumatism )
  • It settles between the cells of the skin. This makes you old, wrinkled and causes age spots and cellulite .
Hyperacidity attracts bacteria, viruses and fungi
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