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No Xpand

No Xpand

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NO XPand 



What is NO XPand? 


NO XPand is a pre-workout booster that is taken about 30-45 minutes before training. The formula developed by experts provides an immediate boost in strength, energy, muscle volume and better concentration and therefore enables a significantly harder training session. NO XPand is made up of various active ingredientsn 



How does NO XPand? 


Nitric Oxide Complex: Rapidly and permanently increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric Oxide dilates blood vessels, which in turn improves blood supply to the muscles. As a result, the muscle really pumps up and provides significantly more power. 

The one included in NO XPandEnergizing complex provides the necessary mental kick and gives maximum focus. 

Selectedvitamins andminerals give muscles the nutrients they need for optimal functionality. 

The amino acidsL-leucine,L-isoleucine andL-Valine are included in the ratio 2:1:1. These amino acids are metabolized directly by the muscles and serve as nitrogen suppliers for the body's own proteins. Studies have shown that these amino acids slow muscle breakdown. 

L-Glutamine ensures effective muscle protection and accelerates regeneration. 



How should NO XPand be dosed? 


  • Dissolve 1 heaping scoop (30g) in 300ml cold water. 
  • Consume 45 minutes before training. 



What else is there to know??


The NO XPand Intense formula works without carbohydrates, there is no water retention and no feeling of fullness. 


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