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L-arginine vegan powder

L-arginine vegan powder

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L-Arginine is an important amino acid that is important for the body and plays a role in many bodily functions. It is a precursor to nitric oxide, which is important for blood circulation and blood flow. L-arginine can help improve physical performance, recovery after exercise and promoting muscle growth.

L-arginine is available in a variety of forms including capsules, powder, and liquid extracts. It's easy to incorporate into your daily supplement plan and can also be used as an ingredient in sports drinks.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your physical performance and boost your post-workout physical recovery, L-Arginine can be a great choice.

Benefits of L-arginine vegan:

  • improves nutrient transport
  • improves the retention of nutrients
  • improves the pump in the muscle
  • increases the release of growth hormones
  • increases sexual performance
  • reduces cellulite


Consumption recommendation
Consume 5g on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before training.

Capacity: 200g
Content makes about 40 potions

nutritional information

nutritional information in 100 grams in 2.5 grams
burner 396 kcal / 1683 kj 9.6 kcal / 43kj
protein 99g 2.5g
carbohydrates 0g 0g
Fat 0g 0g
L-arginine 99g


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