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OPC forte

OPC forte

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OPC forte


What is OPC forte?

The correct name for the colorless bitter substance should be oligomers pro cyanidins. OPC belongs to the group of bioflavonoids, the so-called secondary plant substances. A condensed form of these flavonols is found in the pit of red grapes. Above all, OPC can be found in grape seeds, the skin and the leaves of red grapes. This secondary plant substance can hardly be found in our food, but it is important for our body.

How does OPC forte work?

  • Protects the heart and blood vessels
  • Strengthens the blood vessels
  • Improves blood circulation (blood becomes more fluid)
  • Wound healing is supported
  • Connective tissue is strengthened
  • Cholesterol levels can be lowered with OPC
  • Helps against varicose veins, edema and swelling
  • Can prolong life
  • Allergies can be reduced
  • Eye health is supported
  • Nerves and brain are protected
  • Top-class anti-aging products
  • Accelerates fat metabolism


How should OPC forte be dosed?


2 capsules daily, separately from meals

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