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Whey Protein

Whey Protein

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whey protein

Bodyplanet Whey Protein is a high-quality dietary supplement that offers a wide range of benefits for the body. It contains a high proportion of essential amino acids, which are necessary for building and regenerating muscle tissue. It is rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the body, making it ideal for post-workout recovery or as a supplement to a high-protein diet.

The Bodyplanet Whey Protein is free of artificial coloring and flavorings as well as genetic engineering. It is available in different flavors, so there is something for every taste. In addition, it can be prepared quickly and easily and can be stirred into yoghurt or muesli as a shake.

Using whey protein can help prevent muscle breakdown and speed up muscle recovery. It can also help with weight loss as it increases satiety and boosts metabolism. It also supports the immune system and promotes bone health.

Our Whey Protein is an ideal dietary supplement for athletes and anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness. It offers a quick and easy way to get the amount of protein you need to optimally support your body.

Benefits of whey protein...

  • promotes muscle growth and regeneration
  • Protein concentrate to cover an increased protein requirement
  • biological value of 104
  • is easily and quickly absorbed, resulting in an anabolic effect
  • Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey
  • Made in Germany
  • pharmacy approved

nutritional information

nutritional information
(mixed with water)
in 100 grams in 30 grams
calorific value 408kcal/1732kj 122kcal/520kj
protein 81g 24g
-of which sugars
-of which saturated fats
Salt 0.27g 0.08g

Produced by: Cross flow microfiltration (CFM). The calculated values ​​are average values ​​and are subject to the natural fluctuations of the raw materials.

Essential Amino Acids (per 100 grams)
Non-Essential Amino Acids
L-Leucine 9.7g
L-arginine 2.2g
L-Isoleucine 6.3g L-cysteine ​​2.3g
L-Valine 6g L-Alanine 4.9g
L-Lysine 9g L-Aspartic Acid 10.6g
L-Threonine 7g L-glutamic acid 17.5g
L-Methionine 2.3g L-Glycine 1.9g
L-Phenylalanine 3.1g L-Proline 6g
L-Tryptophan 1.5g L-Serine 5.6g
L-Histidine 1.7g

L-Tyrosine 2g

98% CFM whey protein, flavoring, acidifier: citric acid, coloring beta-carotene, emulsifier lecithin (E322), sweeteners sodium cyclamate and sodium saccharin, acesulfame K

Preparation 1 portion
Mix 30g powder approx. 2 scoops with 300ml cold water

Consumption recommendation
1 portion a day, if required an extra portion immediately after training

Capacity: 750g
Content makes about 25 servings

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