Nutritional advice online

Nutritional advice online 


If you are looking for professional nutritional advice but unfortunately live too far away, we have the perfect solution for you: simply book an online nutritional consultation with the renowned Mr. Universum Tamer Galal and benefit from the same advantages as with our standard nutritional consultation . 

Our online program offers you a flexible and convenient way to connect with an experienced nutritionist and achieve your health goals, no matter your location. With Tamer Galal as your personal advisor, you will benefit from his extensive knowledge and expertise in nutrition, fitness and health. 

Let us help you unleash your full potential and achieve your health goals. Book an online nutritional consultation with Tamer Galal today and start your journey to a healthier and happier life. 


how exactly does the online nutritional advice work? 

Very simple: Tamer Galal will sit down with you in an online video call and discuss your individual health goals with you . You will then receive all the files and information you need either directly by email or via the respective platform. 

In an online nutritional consultation with Tamer Galal you will receive a comprehensive body analysis , a professional body stature and body fat analysis as well as a health check . Your individual goals and forecasts will then be discussed and a nutrition plan tailored to your needs will be drawn up. You will also receive professional advice on nutritional supplements and documentation of your progress in the form of photos (before / after). 

Because everyone is different, Tamer Galal will tailor your nutrition plan to your individual needs and preferences. At a follow-up appointment, your nutritional documentation will be compared with you and the nutrition plan adjusted accordingly. 

For body fat analysis, Tamer Galal recommends using an in-body scale near you, which will give you very accurate results on your body fat and other important values. 

Expiry of the online follow-up appointment 

Successful online nutritional advice not only includes the first consultation appointment, but also follow-up appointments to monitor success and adjust the nutritional plan . But what exactly happens during an online follow-up appointment? 

First of all, body fat is measured ( at an InBody scale near you) and a comprehensive success evaluation and nutritional evaluation . The progress made is discussed with Tamer Galal and, if necessary, adjustments are made to the nutrition plan. You will also receive documentation of your progress in the form of photos (before/after). 

An online follow-up appointment is also important to keep you motivated . Many people fail because they lack the necessary motivation and they quickly fall back into old behavior patterns. It is therefore crucial that you remain motivated and achieve your goals throughout the consultation period. Tamer Galal will help you to stay constantly motivated and to successfully achieve your goals. 


Why exactly should you choose Tamer Galal? 

  1. 2004 Mr. Universe Overall Winner: Tamer Galal won the title of overall winner of the 2004 Mr. Universe pageant. This shows that he not only has in-depth expertise, but also has the skills and ambition to achieve great success. 
  2. Over 30 Years of Experience: With more than 30 years of experience as a nutritionist, personal trainer and NLP trainer, Tamer Galal has a wide range of knowledge and skills. He has successfully mentored more than 5000 people who started with the same questions and problems as you. 
  3. Germany's most successful personal trainer: Tamer Galal has been recognized as Germany's most successful personal trainer for 14 years in a row. This shows that he not only has in-depth specialist knowledge, but is also able to successfully motivate and support his customers. 
  4. Owner of the most successful fitness studio in Germany: Tamer Galal was the manager and owner of the most successful fitness studio in Germany for 14 years in a row. This shows that he is not only successful as a nutritionist and personal trainer, but can also build and run a company.