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Muscle Building & Endurance Set

Muscle Building & Endurance Set

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Contains: Premium Protein 2 kg, Creatine Effect, BodyPlanet Shaker

This muscle building kit is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to achieve their physical goals. It contains the premium protein in a size of 2kg, creatine effect for a maximum increase in performance and a practical BodyPlanet shaker to mix all the ingredients together quickly and easily.

Building muscle is an important part of a lifestyle for many people to achieve better physical condition and promote a healthy diet . It can help regulate your own body weight, improve physical performance and increase general well-being.

  • The premium protein in this set is a high-quality source of protein that helps the body to regenerate and build muscle mass.
  • Creatine effect, on the other hand, increases physical performance and ensures better athletic performance.
  • With the practical BodyPlanet shaker, all the ingredients can be mixed together quickly and easily to get a perfect protein shake.

Overall, this muscle building set offers everything you need for your physical goals. Invest in your health and fitness and reach your goals with the premium muscle building set.

Nutritional Information Premium Protein
(mixed with water)
in 100 grams in 30 grams
calorific value 387kcal/1641kj 116kcal/492kj
protein 85g 26g

-of which sugars



-hereof: saturated fatty acids








Vitamin B6



Vitamin B1



*NRV percentage of the recommended daily dose according to the Food Information Regulation

Essential Amino Acids Non-Essential Amino Acids
L-Leucine 9.4g L-arginine 3.0g
L-Isoleucine 5.4g L-cysteine ​​1.8g
L-Valine 5.9g L-Alanine 4.0g
L-Lysine 8.3g L-aspartic acid 8.8g
L-Threonine 5.6g L-glutamic acid 20.0g
L-Methionine 2.6g L-Glycine 1.7g
L-Phenylalanine 4.1g L-Proline 8.2g
L-Tryptophan 1.4g L-Serine 5.7g
L-Histidine 2.4g

L-Tyrosine 3.8g

all types of premium protein have the same nutritional values

Preparation 1 portion:
Mix 30 g Premium Protein (2 heaped tablespoons) with 300 ml water.

(vanilla flavor): calcium caseinate, CFM whey protein, CFM whey protein isolate, chicken egg white powder, inulin, flavoring, thickening agent: xanthan gum, coloring agent: beta-carotene, with sweeteners: acesulfame K; sodium cyclamate; Sodium saccharin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate.

Consumption recommendation:
1 port. consume daily. If necessary, an extra portion immediately after training.

Capacity: 750g, 2000g, 4000g
Content results in approx. 25 servings, 67 servings, 132 servings

Nutritional Information Creatine Effect

Creatine is an endogenous substance that is found in the muscles and plays an important role in energy production. It is also available as a dietary supplement and is used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve physical performance.

When creatine is taken as a dietary supplement, it increases the amount of creatine phosphate in the muscles. Creatine phosphate is used during strenuous activity such as weight lifting, sprinting or intense exercise to provide quick and short-term energy. By increasing creatine phosphate levels, athletes may be able to perform more reps, complete longer sprints, or lift heavier weights.

There are also some other potential benefits of taking creatine as a dietary supplement, including:

  • Increase in Muscle Mass and Strength: Creatine can help build muscle mass and strength, especially when combined with resistance training.

  • Improved post-workout recovery: By helping to restore creatine phosphate and reduce muscle damage, creatine can help reduce post-workout recovery time.

  • Improved Cognitive Performance: Some studies have shown that taking creatine can help improve cognitive performance, particularly in areas like memory and attention.

You can feel the incredibly effective difference from the very first time you take Kreatin Effect .

This new technology allows the creatine to be released only in the small intestine, where it enters the bloodstream directly and without loss.

The result: an incomparable muscle growth that was previously only achieved through higher dosages . And all this without unpleasant side effects such as flatulence or diarrhea.

Features of Creatine Effect:

  • No water retention
  • No charging phase
  • Only dissolves 100% in the intestine, therefore no loss of creatine
  • Can be taken permanently without problems
  • No disturbance of metabolism
  • Vegan
  • Especially important for vegans
  • Optimized creatine dosage
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improved power performance
  • Can slow down the aging process
nutritional information per capsule per daily portion
(4 capsules)
creatine monohydrate
-of which creatine



Creatine monohydrate (98%), coating agent (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), thickener gellan), coloring agent (titanium dioxide)

Consumption recommendation

  • Two capsules daily in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening
  • In the case of intensive exertion or in preparation for a competition, the dosage can be increased to 6 capsules per day.

Capacity: 106g - 120 capsules

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